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Post Frame Farm Agricultural Buildings

We the owners of Timbrook Construction live on the farm and know the importance of post frame buildings and pole barns in agriculture. We have developed our own building systems to make our buildings a higher quality and a higher strength to meet our own demanding needs. We want to build farm buildings that last generations, rather than start rotting 10 years in. We have many years of experience building post frame buildings and have developed a reputation for building post-frame construction in Central Missouri. We know exactly what our farming community requires because we are one of them. One of our best clients in the region is MFA. We have built service and office buildings for them in our region. We want to deliver only the best for our neighbors, we stand by our work and our reputation. Because we are local that is important to us.


Benefits of Timbrook Construction are:

  1. Foundation, built with frost proof piers

  2. Walls stronger than stick built framing

  3. More area for insulation to keep you warm

  4. Maintenance free siding and roofing will last
    for decades with warranty.


Our Process:

  1. Site consultation for the best location

  2. Prepare plans and drawings as needed

  3. Begin construction

  4. Review and quality inspections

  5. Enjoy your new building

Pole Barns

Traditionally pole barns were built for their ease and low cost. We still on occasion will build a pole barn, but we prefer to build with our proprietary CPS foundation system. We find that the cost savings is very small as we can build faster with our CPS system. And we know that the CPS system buildings will outlast wood in the ground construction by decades. All that being said sometimes there is a need for a building that will be temporary.  

Storage Buildings

Post frame construction is a great way to build storage on the farm. Post frame buildings can be built tall to accommodate large tractors, combines, trucks or other machinery. They can be built to cover great volume so that you can store hay or other farm goods in a safe dry place. We can design the building to be fully or partially insulated. Part of the building can be used as a shop or office as well.

Insulated Shop

If you need a shop of any size we can build a quality post frame building for your farm shop. We can insulate and finish out the interior in any style you desire. We understand how important it is to have a shop either to repair your vehicles and machinery or a shop for your trade.

Livestock Barns & Stables

Post frame barns are a great way to keep your livestock warm and dry. Our buildings hold up to the ravages of time and wear and tear that animals can place on a building. Post frame barns are great for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs or any kind of livestock. Our CPS building system and rugged siding will keep your building looking great and standing maintenance free for years.

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